Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


    Please check the range of profile available in your required segment before taking up the Personalized membership
    All other existing terms of dhivyammatrimony.com are applicable

Conditions for registration

    To register your profile in dhivyammatrimony.com and become a member, you affirm that you are over 18 years old and have not lied or cheated in any way shape or form in order to use this website
    You should not be restricted or prohibited by any law from entering into this agreement.
    You should also agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this agreement.
    If any time we found that information provided by you is false and you are not eligible to register on this site, Dhivyam Matrimony has right to terminate your membership and / or your right to use the service without any refund to you of any of your unutilized subscription fee

Registration approval and deletion of content

    You should not post any E-mail IDs, Phone numbers, photos, advertisements, business promotional material in the space provided for you in the application for other purposes
    If dhivyamatrimony.com founds any part of your application containing legally restricted messages, photos and any others, your membership will be terminated without any refund and appropriate legal action will be taken


    Paid members will be allowed to get the contact details of other users/members of this site. However, contacting other members/users are limited depending on membership type. To know the period and number of contacts allowed please visit our “Premium Membership Options”
    Membership fees once paid cannot be refundable or transferable. Termination of membership
    This site is for personal use of individual members only. Organizations, companies, businesses, marriage mediators cannot become members of this site.